Dr. med. dent. Baronowski

Jaw / facial pain

An increasing number of people in Switzerland suffer from acute or chronic pain in the region of the jaw and face.

The entire system, consisting of jaw joint, teeth, muscles and ligaments, no longer functions seamlessly. A so-called craniomandibular dysfunction or myoarthropathie develops. This is a pain syndrome which can lead to total loss of performance and zest for life.

Frequently occurring symptoms of this disorder are jaw pain, pain in the masticatory muscles, pain in the jaw joint, headaches, noises in the jaw joint, tinnitus, as well as pain in structures that are not primarily involved, such as the neck.

In our experience, by coordinating all the individually necessary disciplines (physiotherapy, neurology, orthopaedics, psychology), it is possible to cure or at least alleviate complex pain conditions which, in some cases, have already existed for a long time.