Dr. med. dent. Baronowski

Monitoring tooth decay and prophylaxis

Tooth decay is contagious! The causal bacteria are transferred from parents to their children in early childhood. Frequent causes of infection are spoons or dummies that have been licked, as well as kissing. Children are particularly sensitive to infection from the time the first milk teeth come through (usually in the sixth month) until about the age of two.

Saliva tests and dealing effectively with the causes

It is now possible to investigate in some detail the individual causes of susceptibility to tooth decay using new diagnostic procedures and carrying out saliva tests, for example, and to take suitable countermeasures.

Dealing effectively with the causes of tooth decay requires very little effort.
If there is a high-risk profile, after professional dental cleaning the tooth surfaces are impregnated with varnishes with a highly anti-bacterial action leading to the long-term inhibition of caries-inducing germs in the plaque.

Medicinal xylitol chewing gum inhibits the growth of new caries-inducing bacteria.

Air-n-Go air polisher for prophylaxis

A prerequisite for oral health is the regular removal of the biofilm (plaque).
To remove plaque and discolouration, we use the airflow system, which even cleans places that are hard to reach - perfectly and gently