Dr. med. dent. Baronowski

Paediatric dentistry and dentistry for the elderly patients

Our motto: Dental health throughout life

Oral health in western Europe has improved significantly over the last few decades, especially among children and young people – as a result of prevention. Through special prophylaxis programmes (monitoring of tooth decay) we can also help patients with a high risk of tooth decay to achieve lasting dental health. We not only want to remove caries from your children’s teeth, we also want to prevent it from occurring in the first place.

Prevention among the elderly is just as important as among children. Our aim is to enable the elderly to keep and improve their own teeth by promoting oral health and to maintain and improve masticatory functionality through well-fitting tooth replacements. This will also improve their appearance and general wellbeing. We would like our older patients to continue to enjoy eating and communicating without limitation well into old age.

Our practice can be reached by lift and there is wheelchair access. However, many elderly and dependent people are no longer able to visit a dental practice. That is why we also provide care in homes for the elderly and in care wards where this is possible.

Gentle treatment – Painless anaesthetic with The Wand

The fear of dental treatment is a common problem. A stress-free, relaxed atmosphere before, during and after treatment and personal communication are therefore of prime importance to us. A painless, gentle treatment procedure is, of course, crucial as well. You are able to control the procedure and stop or interrupt it at any time. In addition, for the treatment of individual teeth (e.g. fillings, crowns, etc.), we do not administer traditional anaesthetic injections. Instead, we offer practically pain- and pressure-free computer-controlled anaesthesia without numb cheeks and lips: The Wand plus. This is a major advantage in particular for people who are afraid of injections:

  • Practically pain-free application
  • Immediate onset of action
  • No numbing of the lips, cheeks or tongue


Our patients are enthusiastic!