Dr. med. dent. Baronowski

Laser diagnostics

Diagnosis and monitoring of tooth decay using a laser

The earlier tooth decay is detected, the simpler and gentler the treatment.

Repairing enamel with liquid tooth enamel

Nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite (the mineral from which a natural tooth is constructed) penetrates the tiny cracks and irregularities, covers the tooth and root surfaces like a protective film, and repels the deposit of plaque.

ApaCare & Repair tooth repair gel is used as a mineralisation treatment following professional dental cleaning or daily dental care.

Identifying the risk of tooth decay by means of a saliva test makes it possible to determine the extent of the presence of caries-inducing germs (mutans streptococci and lactobacilli) and the buffering capacity of the saliva. If there is a high-risk profile, a systematic prophylactic programme is implemented.


Caries bacteria don’t stand a chance!

The main causes of tooth decay (mutans streptococci) can now be effectively combated with today’s highly concentrated chlorhexidine varnishes. Mutans streptococci are particularly active if sweet foods are consumed regularly. Tooth brushing and the use of rinsing fluids cannot completely remove this kind of bacteria.

Snack with a clear conscience: with xylitol caries bacteria don’t stand a chance!

Chewing gum, mints and sweets containing xylitol combine the pleasant with the practical: anyone who chews xylitol gets a refreshing treat as well as caries prophylaxis without any effort. Xylitol is a sugar substitute which also occurs in nature.